Week 3 Discussion (Feb 16-22)

What are the fears, phobias or challenges that you experience with research and how do you plan to overcome them?


V.P. Admin. Welcome Message

Dear College Family

I am happy to welcome you to the College’s Research Blog.
This is a tremendous opportunity for us to examine and discuss research principles and concepts. I am certain that we will learn from each other as we become active participants in the dialogue.
May this be the nucleus of an enriching research environment at Bethlehem Moravian College.

Dr. Heather Smith Sherwood

Vice Principal of Administration

Principal’s Welcome Message

Bethlehem Moravian College’s focus as we move forward into a new phase of development is to ensure that we continue to provide students with the access to first class tertiary education. Congratulations to the Research Development and Projects Committee in collaboration with the Education Department on this launch of BMC’s Research Blog. You are all invited to be a part of this innovative infusion of technology in research at BMC. Mihi Curu Futuri… My care is for the future. May this our College Motto gives us the drive, renewed hope and focus that we will need to achieve our goals. Welcome to BMC’s Research Blog!

Vice-Principal of Academic Affairs Welcome Message

Welcome to the Bethlehem Moravian College’s Research Blog.  The opportunity is yours to become an active participant in the research process. It is important that you read carefully and make every effort to benefit from the information made available on the blog.

As you interact with the principles and concepts involved in research, it is important that you develop critical skills that will assist in gathering data pertinent to bringing about change within the educational arena.

Participate with a great purpose.

Andrea Wilson-Graham

Vice Principal-Academic Affairs